A Poem about Bipolar Mixed Episodes

This is a Poem that Stacie Ruth Hertel wrote. She is also in a Facebook support group for women with Bipolar (1&2) and Anxiety. I have her permission to post her poem on here. A Bipolar Seven Days Another sleepless nightAnother anxious dayThough the future looks so brightParanoias here to stay. Another sleepless nightBut I … Continue reading A Poem about Bipolar Mixed Episodes

I Was Diagnosed as Bipolar 2

I've known I have had anxiety and depression since my son was born six years ago. I specifically remember his dad and I having a conversation where I literally drew out all my thoughts on a piece of paper to try to get him to understand. Literally like a system or chain of events that … Continue reading I Was Diagnosed as Bipolar 2

Convincing Myself to be Happy

I've spent the last 8-10 months telling myself that the depression and anxiety were side affects of the hypothyroidism. While my anxiety has completely subsided, the depression is still raging inside. Today and for the past week, the thoughts that have crossed my mind have been nothing short of frightening. I'm mentally preparing for my … Continue reading Convincing Myself to be Happy