A Poem about Bipolar Mixed Episodes

This is a Poem that Stacie Ruth Hertel wrote. She is also in a Facebook support group for women with Bipolar (1&2) and Anxiety. I have her permission to post her poem on here.

A Bipolar Seven Days

Another sleepless night
Another anxious day
Though the future looks so bright
Paranoias here to stay.

Another sleepless night
But I feel ok today
I feel like everything is good
I’m not even afraid

Another sleepless night
Im irritable today
I’m happy and I’m having fun
But nervous all the same

Another sleepless night
But I’m feeling high today
I’m hyper and I’m full of life
I’m unreasonably brave

Last night I slept so soundly
But today I’m really tired
I’m having trouble focusing
I miss being wired

Last night I fell asleep too soon
Today I’m feeling useless
I wanted to be fun and happy
I wanted to impress

Another sleepless night
I got it all done today!
Everything is Funny
But still I’m not ok


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